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Steady as she goes

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    As an organization we continue to grow and strive to improve our programs.  We have also chosen to do a few things well rather than many things poorly. We have had many opportunities to grow programs or add activities to the center but we have rather chosen to get better with what we have. We are also totally focused on the vision of the Dream Center and who we are called to reach. We have learned that our vision makes our decisions.
    If we are outside of our vision plan then we are away from our original purpose. 
    We desire to stay in the center of our purpose and within the sphere of our original intention.As many of you know we recently added our new computer classes to the Dream Center schedule.  This has been so important to us because we desire to provide both needs and services.  We are focused on meeting needs and empowering people to new levels of self sufficiency.The class has been so inspiring and especially to our teacher Sabrina Freeman.  Sabrina teaches our classes and has been in awe of the results and the students.
    Here are Sabrina’s thoughts.

    We are going on our fourth week here at Longview Dream Center’s Computer 101 Class.  The class started off somewhat slow and has had some changes in the student roster.  However, the class is now completely filled with a diverse group of students.  

    Each student has their own story and their own personal need for taking this class, but it can definitely be said that each and every one of them is excited to learn these skills to improve their lives!

    The first unit that Computer 101 is currently learning is typing and Microsoft Word.  It was decided to teach these two skills in parallel to one another as learning Microsoft Word will reinforce the typing skills and vice versa.  

    The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing software that was purchased for the computer lab has been a dream.  There are at least three students that have already shown typing speed increases of 10 words per minute! 

    That is huge when you consider that several of these students rarely, if ever, have an opportunity to work on a desktop computer and really have now only been on one for a few hours total working time.

    The smiles and expressions of delight that are seen and heard during a class when something new is learned has been a blessing to all involved.  Everyone is truly motivated to continue this class and each student’s level of confidence is steadily increasing as they become more proficient on the computer.  This class has gone from a vision to a reality in a community where the need is great and the benefits are life changing!

     As you read you can almost feel Sabrina’s excitement and our organization sees this as another step toward the dreams of the Longview Dream Center.

     We are committed to make an impact and to make a difference in our city as we endeavor to inspire others to join us to make a better Longview and East Texas. What can you do?
    1. You can make a donation at
    2. You can become a food assistance partner by giving a regular monthly donation
    3. You can report to us any child or family that is suffering from hunger
    4. You can volunteer at the Dream Center almost any day of the week

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