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The Longview Dream Center Enters Year Seven

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The Longview Dream Center is entering it’s 7th year of existence.


It has been a ride

We have experienced our ups and downs and our all-arounds.

Some have asked; why do you do this?

Because we love the people and we love the city!

Providing thousands of pounds of food for hundreds of people every week is no small task. And clothes. Yes. Clothes too.

Thousands of pieces every month. Lots. It requires people. Many people. It requires trucks, forklifts, and volunteers.

We give it all away! Why? Because this is our mission and our purpose.

Vision Statement

The Longview Dream Center exists to provide basic needs and life building programs to the people of Longview and the greater East Texas region.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite the time, talents, and treasures of organizations and individuals while serving those in our community that are in need or in crisis.

About LDC

The Longview Dream Center is focused on providing basic needs such as hunger relief, free clothing distribution and community service projects for individuals in need.

The Longview Dream Center is a phenomenon. God provides through many organizations, a few churches, and several individual partners. Not enough.

A large portion of our food is donated from Walmart and Sam’s. Five days a week our truck has the pleasure of picking up food from these locations. It is always exciting to see the variety of products that Walmart and Sam’s provides. We get so excited for our clients; it feels like Christmas some-days.

There is a lot to do. Many need help and we stand ready to make this year the best year ever.

We can do it together.

Our greatest need is regular monthly partners. This is where you can help.

The Dream Center only needs 400 people to give 25.00 per month. That’s it.

Together, we can feed over 1,000 families every month

Together, we can provide 10,000 pieces of FREE CLOTHING every month

Together, we can send children to bed with a full stomach.

The number 7 is the perfect year for us and you to COME TOGETHER!

Join the DC Team today by going to and give a donation today.



Troops on the Ground

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This post is from our founder Thomas E. McDaniels

We live in chaotic times.  Texas is especially on the forefront of chaos and perilous times.  We realize the weight of times like these and the responsibility.  It is not only times to connect to the trauma but to realize that we also need to take action.  I so appreciate those who just act!  I think we also must act strategically, but primarily we need to get in the game.

Some folks just took off to Houston and dove into the solution. These people are caring, brave, and ready to make a difference.  Just think if we all just said well I’ll do something later.  If all of us chose that, then many would still be stranded on top of their houses.  So we appreciate those who just WENT!

So here at the Dream Center we decided to serve on this end and do all that we could to make a difference.  We wanted to do what we do best and use what we have.  We have facilities, connections and partners.

So we began to use our connections to the community, connections of relationships, and our partners to gather supplies. Our facility is an easy access drop off center for Longview.  We have seen many of people drop by and drop off supplies and hundreds more will be coming.

We must also remember that this catastrophic event will not be over for many months to come.  It is so easy to respond quickly and move forward without finishing the journey.

So let’s resolve to not forget about the broken lives.  The hopelessness that is real and the loss that is unbelievable.

This tragedy will forever change the lives of thousands.  Many lost everything.  Many will never recover.  Some will never rebuild their homes.  But we must be a spark of hope.

And even though we can never rebuild a home we can always re-HOPE a Heart.

One of our Partners is J-Star Ministries. J-Star is founded by Patrick Johnson. Patrick has been a champion in serving our community and reaching kids and teens in our city.

Patrick has worked tirelessly in this effort and has been hands-on in loading an unloading materials. Patrick is not an office dweller. He gets his hands dirty and jumps in wherever needed.

If you want to donate please bring your supplies to 803 Gilmer Road in Longview between 9-4 Tuesday through Saturday.

100% of all items go to the Houston area and the organization we are partnering with in that region. We have a company transporting our supplies absolutely free.

Together, We can make a Difference!











What and Why?

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what“What” we are doing is obvious.  It is seen by the activity we are involved with.  If we are changing a tire it is quite easy to see. But to know “why” is not always obvious. It may be that we had a flat or the tire was totally used up.  There are also lots of other why’s we could apply.

“Why” is one of life’s most important questions. When we know “why” we know the inside story and the purpose behind the action. Knowing the “why” to something opens the door to discovery, passion, and purpose.

Why are we feeding 400 families a month? 

The Dream Center began due to the extreme poverty in our area and seeing the condition of impoverished families. This poverty is not only physical but generational and pervasive in our East Texas culture. We are working fluidly to create assistance for goods, programs and education for these families. This poverty cannot be broken by simply providing food and clothes but must be countered with programs and Life Skills that break the poverty cycle.

We must also break the cycles of low self worth and generational cycles that permeate the hearts of East Texas. Confidence can be imparted along with skills that prepare the learner for jobs and employment. At the Dream Center we have started our goals to break poverty by providing food and clothes that form a relational foundation of trust and care. Through providing needed resources we have found an entrance of trust that enables us to go deeper into our clients struggles.

Why are we so focused on helping others?

Our LifeSource Food Program serves a variety of families. One of our primary clients are grandmothers raising children. We estimate that a large portion of our food clients are in this category.   The struggle with this segment of society is they are locked into a desperate situation. The struggle includes age limitations and no possible means to enter back into the job market. Most of these grandmothers are past the age of employment and their retirement funds are either social security or low-income pensions. The need is obvious.

Why are we needed?

The things we have previously accomplished reveal the need of the future!

  • We have distributed over 37,560 pounds of food in 2014
  • We have hosted 720 volunteers in the city of Longview
  • We have logged a total of over 30,000 volunteer hours.
  • We have started a Senior Box Food Program for East Texas                                                                                                          currently serving over 150
  • Senior’s a healthy box of food every month.

We can do more?

We must also break the cycles of low self worth and generational cycles of poverty that permeate the hearts of East Texans. We believe we can give hope and instill confidence through life skills classes.  These classes will empower people to become gainfully employed and stand on their own in the future.

If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click here. paypal

If you would like to make a donation to one of our projects or programs simply click on this then click on the Paypal link.

We would love to have you become a volunteer with US!

You can also check out more opportunities by visiting our website.

We would love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment on how the Dream Center has blessed your life or family.

Ending Our Year and Ready for 2016

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 Last Sunday Chele Bass turned over the reigns of Mothers on Mission to the Longview Dream Center.  We are humbled and honored to receive such an impacting ministry. Mothers on Mission has been providing free clothing in Gregg County for 8 years.  They have distributed over 300,000 pieces of FREE CLOTHING to those in need.

Our ministry is honored to receive and protect the legacy of Mothers on Mission.

We are also very passionate for the other areas we are providing care. As we reflect on the year, we are thankful for so many things! In 2015, the Longview Dream Center operated its first full calendar year.  During this year, we have served countless families, who were in need of food or clothing, and most were grateful just to know there is still someone out there who genuinely cares about their well-being.

At the Dream Center we call this serving HOPE back to our community.

It is amazing how a few bags of groceries or a pair of pants or shoes can positively change a person’s mindset and attitude. Many of our clients experience chronic hopelessness, or just need a small amount of encouragement or help them to make it through another season of their lives.

None of this would be possible without your help. I am writing today to thank you for your  encouragement, and your partnership.

I am also writing to thank you for your financial support in the months ahead.  Our annual budget is nearly 100,000.00.

Will you consider a recurring gift of $84 a month which would provide $1,000 a year to support our ministry?

Will you consider a one time donation between now and December 31st?

You can mail all tax-deductible contributions to the Longview Dream Center, 803 Gilmer Road, Longview, Texas 75601.

Or you can click this link to make a secure online donation.

paypalYour gifts can make a difference in the lives of so many!

Thank you for partnering with us.

That Time of the Year

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thanksgivingOne year ago we were so excited to provide a turkey for over 300 families.  Our excitement for this year is equally matched by many of our staff and the friends of the Dream Center.

Here at the Dream Center our heart rate rises every time we sow into the lives of others.  Our motto is find a need and fill it.  One of the greatest needs this time of year is to make sure that everyone has an adequate Thanksgiving meal and that no one suffers hunger.

Our main efforts is to be a catalyst for fighting hunger and become an education center to empower others.

As we make this one of our primary passions we also desire to empower and encourage our guests and clients.  Every person who walks through our doors deserves deep love and highest dignity.  We also consider it a privilege from God for us to serve others.

We serve our clients our Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm. Our food distribution is called LifeSource.  In our desire to plant love and dignity to our clients we shifted from handing them a box of food to allowing our clients to select their own food.

We call this a Choice Pantry. This also gives our volunteers the opportunity to better engage our clients and plant some love, hope, and inspiration. This also helps us to discover other ways we could serve the family or get personally involved.

We are committed to make an impact and to make a difference in our city as we endeavor to inspire others to join us to make a better Longview and a better East Texas. 


Thanksgiving Outreach

In the next 10 days we are focused on our Thanksgiving Outreach. Once again this year our goal is to provide 300 turkeys to families in Longview and East Texas.  This is so rewarding and such a blessing for many.  Our greatest reward is to see a smile and to hear the gratefulness from those who feel encouraged by our efforts.

We realize that we can only do this with your assistance.




We are humbly appreciative of every gift and every person who has made the Dream Center so effective over the last 20 months.

Many are asking what can we do?  Here is a few suggestions.

  1. You can make a donation here on the home page.  Just click on the PayPal button.
  2. You can become a food assistance partner by giving a regular monthly donation.paypal
  3. You can report to us any child or family that is suffering from hunger.
  4. You can make a difference by joining a volunteer team.

If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click the volunteer button at the top of  the home page.

We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment.