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It’s a New Year

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20162016 is here!  We are so excited about the new year and the opportunities that a New Year brings.  2015 was a great year for us as we completed our first calendar year.  We experienced many great moments of serving our community and being a resource to so many.  Choosing the main highlight of the year would be difficult but sharing many stories would be exceptionally easy.

Every day at the Dream Center we see so many people served, empowered, and encouraged.  Our food assistance program and our free clothing touches hundreds of people every week.  These 2 programs also provide needed resources that are basic needs for life and living.

Maybe you have heard that we were privileged to take over the operations of Mothers on Missions. We are humbled and honored to inherit and carry on the legacy of Mothers on Mission.  This ministry has been providing free clothing in Gregg County for 8 years.  In 2015 alone we distributed over 109,000 pieces of free clothing and  Mom’s has distributed over 300,000 pieces of FREE CLOTHING since their beginning in 2007.

In December alone we donated over 7,972 pieces of free clothing to our clieIMG_1525nts.

2015 was a year for us to celebrate.  Our greatest achievement was the new relationships we established with a variety of partners, friends, and organizations.  One of our prized relationships is with the East Texas Food Bank.  The Food Bank has been a great resource to us and a true partner in providing hunger relief to Gregg County.

The East Texas food bank not only provides us quality food for the best price possible but also supplies us with a variety of free resources, food scholarships, and other supportive means.

The East Texas Food Bank is also our partner in serving the Senior Citizens of our city.  Every month we partner together to serve over 150 clients.  We have increased this program over 50% in 2015 alone. This program provides a large size quantity of food and the quality is top notch to qualified families.

The best part of this program are the relationships that our team has established with these wonderful people.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Partnering with us: paypal

  1. You can make a donation here on the home page.  Just click on the PayPal button.
  2. You can become a food assistance partner by giving a regular monthly donation.
  3. You can report to us any child or family that is suffering from hunger.
  4. You can make a difference by joining a volunteer team.


And finally…You can also be one of the first

partners in our 100 for $100.00 campaign.






Ending Our Year and Ready for 2016

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 Last Sunday Chele Bass turned over the reigns of Mothers on Mission to the Longview Dream Center.  We are humbled and honored to receive such an impacting ministry. Mothers on Mission has been providing free clothing in Gregg County for 8 years.  They have distributed over 300,000 pieces of FREE CLOTHING to those in need.

Our ministry is honored to receive and protect the legacy of Mothers on Mission.

We are also very passionate for the other areas we are providing care. As we reflect on the year, we are thankful for so many things! In 2015, the Longview Dream Center operated its first full calendar year.  During this year, we have served countless families, who were in need of food or clothing, and most were grateful just to know there is still someone out there who genuinely cares about their well-being.

At the Dream Center we call this serving HOPE back to our community.

It is amazing how a few bags of groceries or a pair of pants or shoes can positively change a person’s mindset and attitude. Many of our clients experience chronic hopelessness, or just need a small amount of encouragement or help them to make it through another season of their lives.

None of this would be possible without your help. I am writing today to thank you for your  encouragement, and your partnership.

I am also writing to thank you for your financial support in the months ahead.  Our annual budget is nearly 100,000.00.

Will you consider a recurring gift of $84 a month which would provide $1,000 a year to support our ministry?

Will you consider a one time donation between now and December 31st?

You can mail all tax-deductible contributions to the Longview Dream Center, 803 Gilmer Road, Longview, Texas 75601.

Or you can click this link to make a secure online donation.

paypalYour gifts can make a difference in the lives of so many!

Thank you for partnering with us.

Opportunity and Faithfulness

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It is so true that life has it’s own way of rewarding us.  But most of us understand that life is about more than just luck.  God’s providence is certainly a big part of our East Texas Culture and even for many non-profits. The Dream Center Team has just completed our 19th month of service to our region.  And while this is certainly not a long tenure it certainly has been no bed of roses.

All great dreams are birthed in the soil of sowing and reaping. That includes lots hard work and the sacrifice of many people including staff and volunteers. One thing we have learned is that the longer we are here the more trust we earn.  This is true with our clients and our donors.

This week we are in the genesis of another great relationship with a large organization that will possibly be donating a generous supply of food items. This will be such a support to our clients and improve the variety of foods that we supply.  Once again we are indebted to the East Texas Food Bank who linked the connection and provided the supplies and materials for us.

It is so true that “teamwork makes the dream work.”  Without our partners and teammates we would be far less effective.  We owe much of our 2015 success to our partners and volunteers. Our team feels the best thing we have done is just be faithful.

We have been faithful to serve our community and to stand on our original vision plan. We have experienced ups and downs in 2015.  The economy has been one of our greatest challenges, but we have also experienced the faithfulness of a few partners.

We so appreciate every gift and every person who gave large or small gifts.

We are anticipating a great final quarter of this year with great opportunities.

  • Our computer classes have been a great success.
  • Our food program for Senior Citizens has grown over 25% this year
  • Our LifeSource Food Assistance program is now a Choice Pantry.
  • The Acts Project has completed several projects in 2015.

Once again faithfulness and vision are the foundation stones to our success and continued growth.  We are ready to launch into 2016 with inflated dreams and great determination.  We are expecting both quality and quantity to inculcate in the coming months.

 We are committed to make an impact and to make a difference in our city as we endeavor to inspire others to join us to make a better Longview and a better East Texas. 
What can you do?
  1. You can make a donation here on the home page.  Just click on the PayPal button.
  2. You can become a food assistance partner by giving a regular monthly donation.paypal
  3. You can report to us any child or family that is suffering from hunger.
  4. You can make a difference by joining a volunteer team.

If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click the volunteer button at the top of  the home page.

We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment.