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Who We Are

The Longview Dream Center exists to fight hunger and provide resources and quality programs that enhance the quality of life for the citizens of our city and region.

The Longview Dream Center exists to provide resources and programs to the people of Longview and the greater East Texas region.

Whats happening at LDC!

LifeSource Food Pantry provides food assistance every Tuesday and Thursday of the month at 4:00 p.m.  Clients should arrive by 3:00 p.m. to ensure being served.  An ID is required to receive food assistance.

We distribute Fresh Produce every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month from 10a – 12p.

The LifeSoure Clothing Program operates Wednesday – Saturday from 9a – 1 p.  All items are FREE.

Our LifeSkills Computer Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are held in mini semesters.

Our Senior Box Program is served every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.  New clients should come on the 3rd Wednesday to sign up.  I.D. and proof of income are required.

A Turn the Corner Moment

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Turning the Corner

An act of kindness opens a whole new world for Longview volunteer

For 10 years, Sondra Gibson didn’t have a vehicle.

To get around town, she caught the bus. Or asked someone for a ride. Or just walked.

That changed last December when she got the keys to her very own Chevy Aveo.

It was, she says, a Christmas miracle.

Looking to give back

It all started with Doug Edwards, a longtime Whataburger Family, who created a relationship between Whataburger and the Longview Dream Center. Based in Longview, Texas, the Dream Center provides food, clothing, computer classes and job training to those in need.

“They just find people that truly need help, and they help them,” says Edwards, who oversees operations of the city’s Whataburger restaurants through the Whataburger of East Texas franchise. “That’s what we like to do, too, so it made sense to work with them.”


During a Whataburger-sponsored holiday event, Edwards experienced firsthand the gratitude of the Longview clients. That inspired him to make a considerable personal donation: a car.

Give it to someone who can use it, he told the executives of the center.

They knew just the person: Sondra Gibson.

A new direction

Gibson came to the Longview Dream Center as a client. “I used to be a drug addict,” she says. “I’ve been homeless before. Now, I’ve been sober for four years.”

She credits the change, in large part, to the Dream Center. “When I came in, they treated me like I was OK,” she says. “There was no judgment. They were kind.”

Gibson began fighting her addiction and gaining control of her life. Then, she began volunteering. She came early. She stayed late.

Now, she’s the director of the center’s clothing program, manages more than 10,000 articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories given away each month. “She has the love for it,” says Shonna Barlow, the center’s executive director.

“I have a purpose every morning when I get up,” Gibson says.

A dream come true

Last December, Edwards turned the keys of his white Chevy over to the Dream Center, and Gibson became the proud owner of a vehicle for the first time in a decade. “I started shaking,” she says. “That they would pick me above everybody else to bless!”

Having a car means Gibson can visit her grandson and mom, both of whom live out of town. She can run to the store to pick up groceries, without items melting on the long bus ride home. She can make doctor’s appointments, attend church and help other volunteers or clients who might need a lift.

It’s given her independence.

And each day, before she turns the key, she still does a little prayer. “I think how blessed I am,” Gibson says. “Not a day goes by – not an hour – that I’m not blessed.”



"I am always treated with love and respect when I am there"

− Nancy

"The LDC is changing lives everyday by seeing needs in our community and meeting those needs"

− Paul

""These people are moved and motivated by Love and Compassion""

− Jim


From Our Founder

Things have changed since I was a child.  I remember leaving home early in the morning and returning to the house just before supper.  This was back in the days.  The days when a kid could roam the streets safely, ride their bikes in the neighborhoods for miles and miles, and anybody would feed us lunch because we were from the same community.

The famous African Proverb of “it takes a village to raise a child is still true.” 

The struggle today is our communities are no longer safe.  Kids have to be watched and protected from predators. Oftentimes the predators are of own household.  There is no doubt that children today are a major concern, even in most American cities.

We have experienced the epidemic of child molestation and now it has come to our attention that kids are being trafficked, sold, and used as sex toys. We used to think that this was done only in foreign countries and potentially in large cities like LA, Detroit,or Chicago.

Most recently we have discovered that sex trafficking has been happening in many communities both large and small.  It has surfaced and been rumored to my desk that some parents are selling their kids bodies for the exchange of drugs.

These scenarios are brutally true and most of us are unaware.  These disgusting selfish acts are often hidden in poverty stricken areas and done mostly in the shadows and under the cover of darkness.  If these hideous acts are not enough we have another hidden enemy in our community.  It is the enemy called hunger.

Hunger is also a silent hidden enemy and we cannot compare the effects of it to the devastation of sex trafficking.

But can we minimize the agony of a hungry child by facing this grave reality and taking a positive action against hunger.

It is hard to fathom that we have hungry kids in our neighborhoods right here in Gregg County.  Here are the actual stats from our county records.

Income is 9.6% less than the national average.

19.3% of people live in food insecure homes.

24.2% of children live in these same homes.

That’s 7520 children at risk of hunger every day in Gregg County.
The Dream Center is committed to fight hunger and to provide food assistance to families that qualify.  We are not just a food supplier, but we make sure the food is distributed to families with a legitimate need.  This is truly a collaborative program with the East Texas Food Bank and our sponsors and donors.
Our desire to distribute, serve and support our clients is a continued source of growth and opportunity to our entire city.  Our relationship with the East Texas Food Bank has proven to be significant in improving and expanding the quality of the food we serve.
We recently added a line of produce that provides delicious fruits and vegetables.  The quality of this type of food fuels the bodies, improves the health of all, and adds a sense of satisfaction to the hungered.
We are anxious to continue serving quality food to our community and our city.  There is much more to do and even better ways to provide for these kids and their families.
 What can you do?
1. You can make a donation at www.longviewdreamcenter.com
2. You can become a food assistance partner by giving a regular monthly donation.
3. You can report to us any child or family that is suffering from hunger.
4. You can become a regular volunteer at the Dream Center.